My name is Callum Sutherland and I’m a geographer and researcher at the University of Glasgow. Originally from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, I’ve lived in Glasgow since 2006, leaving for a longer-than-expected spell in 2012, and then returning from 2019 until the present.

I’ve started Concrete Bodach as a blogging project for writing about novice psychogeographic and songwriting experiments that seek to animate the trickster barely submerged in some of the seemingly smooth, settled surfaces of Glasgow; engaging and maybe reproducing the urban wyrd. Inspired primarily by the work of Mark Fisher, the site provides accounts of Glasgow’s haunting, grotesque, and psychedelic pasts and presents – and calls on its potential futures – albeit through my own personal and partial exploration of the city.

I would love this site to become a place for more “Concrete Bodach’s” to foment and comment, so please comment on posts or get in touch via the Concrete Bodach twitter page: @concretebodach. Let’s chat or maybe even go for a drift or two to find (or make) the urban wyrd…

My research and this blog are supported by the Urban Studies Foundation.