St George’s Tron

I planned a recent walk to take-in two churches. The first church I wanted to visit was St George’s Tron – on Buchanan Street/Nelson Mandela Place – and the second was St Vincent Street Church, and which was – up until very recently I believe – home to the congregation of the Glasgow City Free …read more


Sounds like the earth is turning over Tearing ether makes an eyelet sky Try to summon some composure This roaring void is making ready for a scry – Quake as yous approach the pier glass Foil or double in this porous frame Squint your eyes at what emerges through the pass New rules sketch themselves …read more

Dunlop St

In Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie (TWE) he defines ‘the weird’ as a felt response to the connecting of things that shouldn’t be connected according to “standard perception, cognition and experience” (p.8). This felt response is contradictory; it simultaneously repulses and attracts us to the weird Thing, like – Fisher argues – the …read more

A note on ghosts and exodus

When I was planning this blogging project, I wanted to include a creative element that went beyond straightforward psychogeographical ‘reports’ of walks. Inspired by Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of My Life (p.206), where he explores creative representations that ‘take root’ in landscape, I decided I wanted to use my limited (but enthusiastic!) songwriting skills to offer …read more

Not Consumed

Clear is the road ahead Straight to the promised land like a pure and golden thread Milk and honey only in which to dip your bread Where to forget the dead? – Holler from the mountain top Your total vision brings the world to a grinding stop Hard like a cliff-face now your life is …read more

Miller St/Queen St

There were unsettling portents from the start today.  I’d not even properly started the drift and I was noticing warnings of what I presumed was capital’s tendrilled commingling with this part of the city. The ways in which it is always reaching, ominously to dissect or suppress that which might subvert its atomising pall.    …read more